Shrimp Peeler
Shrimp Peeler
Shrimp Peeler
Shrimp Peeler
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Shrimp Peeler

الشحن يتم إحتسابه عند الدفع.

With the Shrimp Peeler, you can now devein shrimp with an ease you have never imagined before. The Shrimp Peeler takes only seconds to peel the shrimps!

Designed with functionality and comfort in mind, the Shrimp Peeler is a must-have kitchen gadget for all households. It is easy to grip and has a comfortable hold. The Shrimp Peeler is the fastest way to peel shrimps. .Simply hold shrimp with the tail pointing away from you. Insert the closed tip of the Shrimp Peeler into the top of the shell until it comes out beyond the tail. And then press handles together. It doesn’t get any easier than that!   

Color:Blue, Purple, White
Size:20, 24
Material:100% Polyester


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